Burrow: Luxury Sectional Couch that can Grow with YOU!

A burrow couch will ship directly to you, and when it is time to move into a new place and you want to expand it you will be able to ship the new sections to your new place.  Of course, that means you still have to lug the original pieces with you.

Pretend you start off with a loveseat and chaise in your tiny apartment.  It has filled the room and given you plenty of room for activities.  Unfortunately, it just isn’t big enough for your new house.  When it’s time to move do you list it for sale for a fraction of what you paid?  Or do you add to it in your new home?  The ability to expand your furniture is what makes this such a compelling buy.


  • Stylish Comfort
  • Multiple Cover Options
  • Free Shipping
  • 30 Day Trial Period (keep the boxes!)
  • Reversible Chaise Options


  • No Option to Curve it.  Basically it is straight or an L shape with a Chaise

Burrow Video Review

Coming soon.

Burrow Materials and Build

They use sturdy hardwood for the frame and scratch and stain resistant materials for the covers.

You can order a swatch booklet to help you pick out the color that you want.

During the ordering process you can select your fabric and color for the legs.

Expect to spend 20-30 minutes assembling it, more if you just cant decide what end to put the chaise (which could go on either side).

Who Should Buy a Burrow?

A person who is looking for a luxury couch that can grow with them.  To me that’s going to be an established person who is in a condo/apartment, but knows that they need more living space and will soon be moving up.

Think about the moving process, you disassemble the couch and can move it is little sections.  How much easier do you think it will be to go up and down the stairs?  You don’t need a truck to pack up your couch, it will fit in your car.  This is moving made easy.  Plus when you get to your new place, you have the option to convert your loveseat into a 3-4-5 section couch.

How do I Assemble a Burrow?

Your Burrow will ship to you in multiple boxes.  So you are going to need to unbox and inspect all of the pieces.  If you selected a chaise option you are going to need to pick a side for placing it.  Fortunately, you won’t be tied to that selection as you can always move it to the other side later.

How BIG are the Burrow Couches?

Size Couch Dimensions Seats
3 Sections 35″H 86″W x 22″Cushions Seats 3 Adults
3 Sections with Chaise 35″H 86″W x 22″Cushions & 56″Chaise Seats 3 Adult

Customize your Burrow

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it comfortable enough to sleep on it?

In testing.

Is there a warranty?

There is a 30 day return policy, but you have to keep the original shipping boxes.

Is the cover washable?

In testing

Can You Add or Remove Pieces?

Of course! That’s the beauty of the Burrow.  You can easily add to or remove sections.  If you want to expand from a loveseat, just purchase an armchair and add it to the middle.

How do I buy a Burrow?