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Best Choice Products 8-Piece Half Circle Wicker Sectional Sofa Set with Waterproof Cushions, Wedge Storage Tables!

Maybe I am picky, maybe I just want a whole set that includes almost everything I need in my backyard. Something nice that makes me want to go outside and enjoy the outdoors, maybe a drink and a fun conversation with my friends- And yes, some patio furniture pieces, IF they are the right ones, will add a beautiful touch to your backyard and will let you enjoy your outdoor space.
It seriously took me almost over 4 months searching for what I want to feature on my website! I know what you are thinking. Patio furniture may sound like something easy to purchase and they exist everywhere. Well they do and NO it is not that easy to just buy any type of outdoor furniture.
When it comes to versatility, I AM A HUGE FAN. Something I can use in so many ways yet still looks pretty and adds a nice touch to my backyard. I want my patio to be inviting and this is when “patio furniture” comes to play. To add that extra pretty touch!
Do your homework if you want, I did mine and dragged myself to a store just to get some visual ideas and get the right measurements maybe. The prices at the store were four times higher than you would find online!! Hey, someone’s gotta pay the rent (that someone is YOU). So, sit tight, relax, grab a drink and browse the internet. You are in commend. All you have to do is check some boxes that match your inquiry and voila at the end you will get what you are exactly or almost exactly what you are looking for.
I went to Walmart online, and typed outdoor furniture and checked my selections: curved set. Weather resistant. No tools required or easy set-up. FREE SHIPPING or FREE store pick up. When you narrow down your choices everything gets easier.
Almost 17 results showed once I hit the enter button then I narrowed them down again to 2 sets that I liked the most. One of them had wedge tables with cup holders, which is a feature I love and the other one is the Best Choice Products 8-Piece Half Circle Wicker Sectional Sofa Set w/ Waterproof Cushions, Wedge Storage Tables. Below is my review on this set and if you have anything to add, suggestions or comments please leave them for me, I am all ears – or eyes-


  • Can make countless combinations
  • Easy to move
  • I sometimes separate it into 2 units
  • Storage inside


  • Comes in 3 GIANT boxes (they aren’t heavy though)

Walmart outdoor sectional (Best Choice Products) Video Review

In my video above, I discuss the things that I like about my Walmart outdoor sofa.  After my review of it, I have an assembly tutorial and I’ll share some tips with you.  It took me less than an hour to assemble by myself.

Is the Walmart Outdoor Sectional Versatile?

The moment I realized I was able to play around with the set; I knew I have found what I have been looking for. The seats don’t have to sit all together, you can move them around, you can even separate them if you want some on your patio and maybe a seat and a wedge storage table in your front yard. This seriously made my day, and my small sized patio better.
Generally, that’s how I am. I love EVERYTHING that is versatile, swift, light, easy to use and move around. Something that serves as its purpose and more. Something not too bulky too.
The table comes with a cushion, it can be a foot rest or a table once you store the cushion underneath.
So many fun ways to use this set for sure!
This 8-piece set includes 4 quarter sofa seats, 3 wedge storage tables and 1 ottoman.
Semicircular shape.
Weather resistant design with waterproof cushions.
Rust resistant aluminum and all-weather resin wicker.
Comfortable spun polyester cushions.

The verdict:
This set is perfect for large parties and groups of friends to enjoy the outdoors. It’s like indoor luxury outside! Sharing a bite and a glass of wine and good conversation has never been more fun or convenient. This 8- piece half circle wicker sectional sofa set along with its wedge storage tables is without a doubt going to be the star of your next poolside or backyard party.

How do I Assemble it?

The whole set arrived in 4 big labeled boxes. The assembly was super easy. Basically, the back part needs to sit perfectly on the seat part, match the holes and screw them on with screws and L. ranches supplied with the set.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't like it?

Walmart offers a 60 day trial period. If you don’t like it and it isn’t found to be dirty, stained, damaged or abused they will give you a full refund.

How long have you had the set?

I purchased it in April of 2019.

Does it get hot?

Like anything sitting in the heat it will get hot, I have been able to sit on it for short periods of time when it hit 100 a couple of days ago.