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Walmart Futon Review

Walmart Futon

I purchased this LuxuryGoods futon from Walmart.com, and it was delivered to me for free in just one box.  Delivery took a few business days to get here.  I could have selected the pick up in store option, but why do that when delivery was FREE?  You won’t believe the price I paid.

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Walmart Futon Video Review

You can see in the video below that assembly of the LuxuryGoods Futon was a breeze.  It took about 15 minutes for me to put it together alone.  Expect to do it in about 10 minutes or so, as it takes a bit longer when you are filming a tutorial.  Instructions are in pictures only, so you may want to just watch this video to see how it is done.  

Note, it is not an outdoor couch, I just like to use my backyard for some of these assembly tutorials as the view is amazing.  You may see some ducks swimming in the background, if you are into that kind of thing.

Walmart Company Policies

Walmart has one of the most generous return policies in the retail business, but it gets a bit more complicated when you purchase online at walmart.com.  They offer you 2 return options if you aren’t satisfied with your futon.  

  1. Return it by mail, log into their system and print out a shipping label for free shipping
  2. Return it to the store, save some time by using the walmart app.

Returning it to the store wouldn’t be too much of a hassle as the futon is really small so it will fit in most trucks or suvs without an issue.  Unfortunately, it would be a problem in a small car.  

I’m a bit tempted to send it back, just so I can see the difficulty of the return process by mail.  If I do that or return another large product to Walmart, I’ll update this post.

What's Inside the Futon?

The LuxuryGoods Futon has a fake leather cover and a lightweight iron frame.  Assembly is super easy, even though the instructions are IKEA like.  As in, they don’t have any words, just pictures.  In case any of you struggle with the assembly instructions, I’ll summarize:

  1. Locate the 2 zippers on the back and remove the parts
  2. The straight legs go in the back, and the angled legs go in the front.
  3. Use the l wrench (provided) to secure the legs to the futon
  4. Use a power screwdriver or drill to screw in 4 screws on each leg
  5. Flip over, enjoy you are done!

The backrest has 3 different positions, one that is 180 degrees (think normal couch position).  On the other extreme, there is one position that is close to 90 degrees.  With the other position in the middle, say 120 degrees.

The extra step of screwing in the legs ensures that the product is SUPER sturdy.  It is lightweight (about 70 pounds) and really easy to move around.  

LuxuryGoods Futon

Can You Sleep ON it?

Kids will be very comfortable sleeping on it when they have a sleep over.  I could see it getting a ton of use in a dorm room or a first apartment where there just isn’t room for an extra bed.  

A tall adult would not want to sleep on it, unless they slept diagonally or in the fetal position.  It would be extremely difficult to sleep 2 average sized adults on it.  Fortunately, an adult under 5 foot six inches would be fine, and kids would really enjoy it as an extra sleep-over option.

Does the Futon Have Storage?

No, but it is a nice way to have an “extra bed” in a small apartment, dorm room or kid’s room.  The hidden armrest has 2 cup holders which is a nice treat.

LuxuryGoods Futon Price & Discounts?

walmart futon
Check for Discounts on the LuxuryGoods Futon at Walmart.com
Check for Discounts on the LuxuryGoods Futon at Walmart.com Show Less

After taxes and with free delivery I purchased the LuxuryGoods Futon from Walmart.com for under $200 ($172.87).

Luxury Goods Futon Review Conclusion

The Futon looks great in a small space, think: kid’s room, corner of a home office, dorm room, 1st apartment, or a must have for those of you who live in a tiny home.  The length of the sofa is only 66 inches, which means that tall people won’t be able to sleep on it, unless they enjoy the fetal position.  Tall people also won’t like the height of the couch as it sits about 7 inches off the floor.

This clearly fits the definition of an alternative couch, as you can sit on it or you can sleep on it (assuming you aren’t too tall).  The hidden cup holder is a really nice touch.  Don’t be fooled, though this is not the kind of couch that fits your whole family.  This is a futon meant for small places to give your guest the opportunity to sleep or lounge at an extremely affordable price. 

walmart futon
Check for Discounts on the LuxuryGoods Futon at Walmart.com