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Bundle Sofa Review

Bundle Couch Review

Flexible seating for a modern life! Introducing the Bundle Sofa.

When I was done putting the Bundle sofa together my first thought was: “That’s what style and comfort look like combined”.
The Bundle Sofa is the type of furniture that is easy to set up, break down, and customize to your preference. That is exactly the type of alternative couch that belongs right here.

Who Will Love This?

  • People Who Move Often

    You won't believe how easy it is to move this around, it is unlike any couch on the market.

  • People who want a comfy 3 seat couch

    It is a comfortable chair to plop down onto for gaming.

  • People Who Have a Small House/Apartment

    This is a high quality couch that will upgrade with you, as it will be easy to move to your next house.

Who Won't Love This?

  • No Storage

    It's an alternative couch, because you can move it.

  • It isn't cheap

    At $1,000 there are other options, but few of this quality.

$300 Off
bundle couch picture
Bundle Living 3 seat couch can be disassembled and moved by car. This couch will move with you!
Bundle Living 3 seat couch can be disassembled and moved by car. This couch will move with you! Show Less

I love everything compact yet comfortable, easy to assemble and easy to move when it’s time to change locations.
And that’s exactly what I did. I set it up, disassembled it, and moved it in my car to its permanent location where I built it all over again. I was very impressed and satisfied with the outcome.

Can your couch do that?

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Bundle Couch Video Review

This is not a joke, this smart couch put itself in my SUV, then was assembled by the Ocean, then taken apart, then reassembled at my house.  Don’t believe me?  Watch the video below.

Bundle Company Policies

Ordering made easy. If there’s one thing I try to avoid, and let’s keep it between us, it is an interaction with a salesperson. When I go to simply check in at a car dealership for an oil change appointment for my car, I try to park my car and run, or hide behind the nearest bush. Because if I don’t, I know I am going to end up with a new car I couldn’t test and never wanted to begin with! The voodoo power of a salesman. Which brings me to the best part of the life we live in today: online shopping. Free shipping, free in-home trials, even some good discounts and bundle discounts when you order online. The Bundle Sofa eliminated the middleman. Consumers get to enjoy a 60-day risk-free trial period. And if for any reason you are not satisfied you get to return it for a full return. Returns are on them too.

What's Inside the Bundle Sofa?

They call it Sofa, but it could easily become that cozy couch.
The Bundle Sofa is roomy enough to have friends over for game night, stretch out with a book, binge watch Netflix, snuggle with the kids and furry friend or simply relax and take a nap.

Top reasons you should consider a bundle.

All Foam, no fuss!

The Bundle Sofa is made from super soft fabric and any bulky seams or zippers. It’s filled with premium memory foam that’s designed to support you and hold its shape over time.
The open-cell foam used in the making of the Bundle Sofa providers great support for better comfort and durability.

Fast and easy Assembly.

Remember back in the days when assembling furniture was complicated and power tools were required? Those days are way gone.

The Bundle Sofa is not just easy to assemble, it comes in boxes straight to your door (no middleman or harassing salespeople), ready to assemble. Best part NO TOOLS REQUIRED.

Just like it is easy to build, it is also easy to break down so you can have flexible seating for a modern lifestyle.

Customize your comfort.
The Bundle Sofa comes in Shadow Grey, Indigo Blue, Sand Beige and Stone Dark Grey. All warm, modern colors that will add a perfect pop and style to any room.
Color customization aside, you can select the style of arms and legs that suit your lifestyle. It is built to accommodate just about anything from gatherings to book clubs, coffee breaks to power naps, all while celebrating your unique style.
With a plush, streamlined design, material you’ll love and four classic colors that make it hard to choose your favorite.
Bundle Sofa specs and customization.
2 Arms: Straight or Curved.
2 leg Options: Cone Leg or Tapered Leg.
4 Color options: Light Grey “shadow”, Blue “Indigo”, Beige “Sand”, Dark Grey “Stone”.
Two Back Cushions, one seat cushion. That’s the 2X1 Cushion configuration.
Three back cushions and three seat cushions making the 3X3 cushion configuration.

Plush Fabric is stains and water resistant, and washable.
The Bundle Sofa is made with this modern everyday lifestyle in mind. The cover material is both ultra-soft and extra durable. It is kid and pet friendly and just in case- since in case oops and accidents happen- It is also easy to clean.
It comes in four different modern, stylish colors to chose from! Lounging never looked so good.

Bundle Couch, Can You Sleep ON it?

bundle couch review from altcouch.com

I certainly can, it is comfortable enough to have no issues catching some zzzzs.  It should fit anyone under 6 feet tall.

Does the Bundle Have Storage?

No, but you could fit it into a storage area or pod during a move. 

Bundle Sofa

Portable 3 Seat Couch
$ 1,299
  • Customize-able, you pick the arms, seat cushions etc.
  • Portable, you won't leave it behind when you move
  • 60 day Trial
  • Free Shipping
  • Forever Warranty
  • Financing Available

Bundle Review Conclusion

That’s just a few things I have noticed while testing and enjoying the Bundle Sofa at the same time. My kids have tried it, we all lounged with our dog, I was even able to take a nap just like that. It is comfy, supportive durable without a doubt. Most of all it will match your everyday modern busy lifestyle! Small space, first apartment, dorm room, living room. The Bundle Sofa is made to complement almost every room. Easy to assemble, no tools required, fits in a car so that you can take it with you, stylish, comfortable.  I’m not sure that I need to say more… The real wow factor of the Bundle Sofa is that it will grow with you.  It is a high quality couch that you can quickly disassemble and move.  Most people scramble to find someone to take their old couch off their hands when they move out of their first apartment.  With the Bundle, you will take it with you.
$300 Off
bundle couch picture
Bundle Living 3 seat couch can be disassembled and moved by car. This couch will move with you!
Bundle Living 3 seat couch can be disassembled and moved by car. This couch will move with you! Show Less
bundle couch picture $300 Off
Bundle Living 3 seat couch can be disassembled and moved by car. This couch will move with you!
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