Zoma Mattress Review

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Zoma Sports Mattress 

The Zoma Sports Mattress is declared specially for athletes because it’s engineered to help them sleep deeper, recover faster, and perform better. It’s not only great for those who live an active lifestyle, Zoma can help anybody wake up feeling better and more refreshed. If you suffer from aches and pains, this mattress is great for you, too.

Zoma Features

  • Sport Mattress
  • Designed for individuals with demanding lifestyle to enhance their sleep and rejuvenation 
  • Cooler Nights the mattress is  made from breathable fabric that chase away the heat and makes.
  •  Increased Comfort designed to provide targeted relief of pain-causing pressure points and optimal temperature control.
  • Centered support It provides consistent, reliable pressure relief for the hips and shoulders, while maintaining the spine’s natural alignment.
  • Improved Recovery an undisturbed rest and active recovery.
  •  Goes with your setup it is designed to be versatile so you can experience hassle-free sleep.



  • Athletes and highly active people 
  • Who like the feel of memory foam
  • All ages
  • Small and medium size individuals 
  • People who want a particularly soft or firm mattress
  • People who like coils in their mattresses
  • Individuals who dislike the feel of a memory foam in bed

Zoma Company Policy

Zoma offers quick delivery, free returns, a one hundred night time sleep trial and a ten yr warranty with their beds. 

After you buy online, the Zoma mattress will ship totally free immediately for your door. The mattress will arrive compressed and rolled-up in a 19″ x 19″ x 42.5″ cardboard container. 

You get to try for 100 nights, plenty enough your body to get used to a new mattress.

Shipping is free so is returning your Zoma in case it is not the one for you, always within the 100 night trial of course. No strings attached. 

What's Inside the Zoma?

Three-layer foam design
Zoma is an all-foam bed that is created from three exceptional layers. In that recognize, the bed has a very standard construction. There are dozens of froth beds on line which are made from 3 distinctive layers and total the equal thickness. However, in case you take a glance under the hood, the Zoma mattress definitely has some precise layers. Here’s what’s inside the mattress starting from the bottom.

  • Support + foam – that is the inspiration for the mattress. It’s a thick, excessive-density foam that gives stability for the complete bed.
  • Reactiv foam – that is a proprietary foam that acts as a transition within the bed. It’s designed to be responsive and supportive.
  • Triangulex memory foam – that is what makes the Zoma bed unique. The pinnacle layer incorporates hundreds of small triangular segments designed to deliver pressure relief and aid precisely where you want it.

How to best sleep on it?

Returned and belly sleepers obtain the reinforcement they need so that their hips don’t sink too a long way down into the bed. This indicates you shouldn’t wake up with any aches or ache in case you spend a variety of time to your again or belly. Similarly, side sleepers will respect the comfort and pressure relieving traits of the special memory foam pinnacle layer. Finally, as we stated in advance, the mattress is also a pleasant alternative for combination sleepers since you certainly don’t sense tons resistance when you switch between positions.

Even though we are saying the bed is good for all varieties of sleepers, that doesn’t always suggest it’s best for all sorts of people. In terms of frame length, we suppose the Zoma bed is nice for small and common length individuals.

Heavy folks that weigh extra than 250 kilos are a exceptional story. That’s not a grievance of the Zoma mattress by using the way. We quite a great deal continually advise large people select hybrid mattresses that incorporate coils over all-foam beds. Coils, in wellknown, remaining longer and are extra supportive than dense support foams, which is essential given huge oldsters location loads greater pressure and strain on a mattress in comparison to smaller human beings.

Zoma Price & Discounts?

The zoma bed falls simply below the industry’s average prices. The number one five sizes (dual-king) fall underneath the $1,000 mark. All in all, zoma is about $100-$200 less expensive than popular mattress-in-a-container manufacturers including casper, leesa and crimson. Here’s how msrp breaks down through size.

Length rate (msrp)
Twin $550
Dual xl $650
Complete $750
Queen $850
King / cal king $950
Split king $1200 hundred

Plus, the corporation frequently runs income and promotions, which lowers the fee of the mattress even extra. Typically, you can count on to obtain at the least $50-$100 off your purchase. Check the green bargain container placed on your screen to look what form of financial savings you can rating in real time. 

Review Conclusion

The mattress has a secure yet pretty specific memory foam sense, it’s less costly (queen size much less than $800 after reductions) and it nicely comprises sleepers in all positions. Actually, the best downsides you could factor to is that the bed might be now not the fine choice for heavy individuals (250+ pounds) or folks who generally dislike beds with reminiscence foam top layers.

Now as a long way as whether the mattress clearly “allows faster muscle recovery, improves athletic overall performance and promotes deeper sleep” is another query. Let us be clear, we’re not scientists right here on the shut eye backyard.In all honesty, what we suppose the agency is attempting to say is that their mattress will assist you get higher sleep, which in turn will evidently help with healing, overall performance, response times, stamina, and so forth. The organisation isn’t always saying that if you sleep on their mattress, you’ll be uncovered to a magic elixir and also you’ll wake up and be capable of run like lightening. 

 Yes, the triangular sectional layout and proprietary foams may assist athletes get higher sleep (mainly in case you’re presently sound asleep on an older bed), which will manifestly lead to improved performance during the day.

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