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CordaRoy’s Convertible Bean Bag Chair Bed Review (1 Year Update)

cordaroys bean bag chair and sleeping position

I have actually owned this for 2 years now and I’m surprised by how much use it still gets.  

It has taken a beating by my 2 kids, my dog thinks it’s his own private pet bed, but I can still plop down on it without sinking to the floor.

Sadly, the sleeping function is so rarely used by our family.  It takes a ton of fluffing to get it to form a comfortable mattress.

Who Will Love This?

  • Over-Night Guests

    Children will be happy on it for sleepovers

  • Gamers

    It is a comfortable chair to plop down onto for gaming.

  • People Who Have a Small House/Apartment

    This is perfect for a dorm room or a child's room. It provides both a chair and a place to sleep for any extra guests.

Who Won't Love This?

  • It isn't a Full Time Bed

    If you are looking for an everyday bed, this isn't it.

  • It is more expensive than a traditional bean bag chair

    The extra sleep function comes at a price.

CordaRoy's Review Menu

CordaRoy's Video Review

If you have small children this is going to be an easy hit for your family. There will be times when they fight over it and there will be times when you just want to plop on it and veg out as well. Where this really shines is as a gift for the kids that are about to leave the nest. This is perfect for dorm rooms and for filling out a first apartment. Below is a quick video that my twin and I shot showing how versatile it is.

CordaRoy's Company Policies

They have grown a lot since their Shark Tank Debut.  However, their trial period is still one of the shortest in the industry.  They offer a 7 day return policy if you don’t like the product.  It takes a few days to fluff out the mattress, so you won’t have much time to decide.

They offer a lifetime comfort guarantee for manufacturer defects.

What's Inside the CordaRoy Bean Bag?

The first thought after looking at the product is that it is similar to a bean bag chair so you expect a bean bag feel. Well, that’s not what you are getting, as the material is a shredded polyurethane foam. This is the same material that is a byproduct of the mattress making process. So, if you have a shredded foam pillow in your house then you will know what it feels like.

  • The covers are interchangeable, so you could purchase a new one if yours gets soiled to the point where your washing machine can’t solve the problem. They offer a couple of different versions of CordaRoy, as well as:
  • Chenille
  • Micro Fur
  • Faux Leather
  • Faux Fur
  • Plush Fur
  • Plush Micro-suede
  • Plus Velour

You can get just about any color that you are looking for including the ever popular Zebra.

Want some good news?  All you have to do is open the box unwrap it and it will take the full shape in a few minutes.

When I first opened up mine I wanted to take a peek inside to see what kind of foam that they used. I found the zipper and was like “where is the pull tab”? Seriously, did they send me a defective one?
Turns out they remove the pull tab as a safety measure. There is a quick workaround though. All you need to do is grab a paperclip and twist it until you create your own zipper pull tab. Of course, the only reason why you would go through that hassle is if you want to take out some foam. My take on that, is that as a bed I would prefer a bit more foam, but if you add a bunch more it won’t fit into the cover as a chair anymore. So, my bet is you will never bother to pull out a paperclip, so it is a moot point.

CordaRoy, Can You Sleep ON it?

Kids will be very comfortable sleeping on it when they have a sleep over.  I could see it getting a ton of use in a dorm room or a first apartment where there just isn’t room for an extra bed.  

An adult would not want to sleep on it as a full time mattress option. It does not have enough cushion or fluff to keep you from waking up with aches. Unless you can just crash and have no problem falling asleep anywhere, then you’re good. 

Does the CordaRoy Have Storage?

No, but it is a nice way to have an “extra bed” in a small apartment, dorm room or kid’s room. It even fits easy in the car! 

CordaRoy's Review Conclusion

I’m still surprised that my family has gotten a full 2 years of use out of it- still going strong- including the dog using it as a bed and that is a great sign of longevity.  It still looks and feels new, still sturdier than ever.  The only true downside is that the bed function isn’t that great.