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Super Moon Pod Review

Take your moon pod anywhere

Super Moon Pod Review Menu Super Moon Pod Video Review Moon Pod Company Policies What’s Inside? Can You Sleep On it? Super Moon Pod Price and Coupon Codes Super Moon Pod Review Conclusion Super Moon Pod Video Review Super Moon Pod is the famous Moon Pod for two!  I personally don’t like to call it […]

Feathers Sectional from Valyou

Feathers Sofa

Feathers Couch Review Searching for the right couch is not that easy! Even for someone like me. I have assembled and tested numerous pieces of furniture, from bed frames to bunk beds and couches – from IKEA- It always feel like a task! Making sure the right pieces and screws go perfectly where they belong, […]

Albany Park Couch

Albany Park Couch Review I am beyond thrilled to share this review with you all! So far, I can easily say that I have tested and assembled so many couches that I feel like I have seen it all… Hmmm, not quiet I guess. Because then came the Albany Sofa from Albany Park. You might […]

Walmart outdoor hammock chairs!

Walmart outdoor hammock chairs. Who Will Love This? People who are looking to save on some $ Who also like to show off their “good finds” like i do. People who like simple things Simple yet pretty and EASY TO ASSEMBLE! People who like to upgrade their backyard looks without breaking the bank This particular […]

Chili Blanket Review

chili blanket and digital thermometer

Chili Blanket Review Meet chiliBLANKET™ + chiliPAD control unit, the world’s first hydro-powered, temperature-controlled weighted blanket + control unit combo. Designed to deliver restful, restorative sleep. The blanket weights 20 lbs. and is safe to use for kids as well as adults. Who Will Love This? If you don’t like to sleep hot, or if […]

Eat Healthy to Sleep Better!

Eat Healthy to Sleep Better! Poor sleep could be harmful to our heart health and it could lead to overeating thus hear problems!  According to a study, people who took part in the research were more likely to eat more food with lower quality diet after sleeping badly, which would increase their risk of developing […]

Couch or Sofa What’s the Difference?

Couch or Sofa is there a Difference? Sofa or Couch ? Some call it couch, some sofa! I call it both because what’s the difference? Also where i come from it has always been a SOFA. Let’s go back in time and start with a bit of history about the terms: Sofa: The word Sofa […]

IKEA Announces Pay With Time

2 Popular Ikea couches

Ikea Jordan. If you are interested in knowing how the word IKEA looks like in Arabic! IKEA Announces Pay With Time Program Something super exciting about the program! It’s actually smart too. The more you travel the bigger the reward is. Now if only IKEA starts paying the time you spend putting together their furniture. […]

Coddle Node Review

coddle node couch review

Coddle Node Couch Review Node Sofa from Coddle is the definition of cubic comfort that fits your space just perfectly! Like your missing puzzle piece, in furniture form. Whether you live in a small apartment or a big house, the Node what you need. It grows and goes with you! It’s simply perfection.  Who Will […]

MoonPod Review

moon pod bean bag on a boat

The Moon Pod is not your typical Beanbag! Once on the Moon Pod you just float. Unlike traditional beanbags, The Moon Pod was engineered to support your body for great comfort. Moon Pod Review Menu Moon Pod Video Review Moon Pod Company Policies What’s Inside the Moon Pod? Can You Sleep On it?